RAJ exists to reach the needy downtrodden people of Northern India and Nepal with the love of Christ by encouraging, educating, and equipping them to face life in our world today.read more


Assembly of God Church School

AGCS exists to provide a quality education for the poor children of Rupaidiha and it's surrounding villages.read more

Adult Women's Literacy

The Adult Womens Literacy program aims to provide education to the village illiterate women, by the students of AGCS free of cost.read more

Mahima Niwas

Mahima Niwas exists to provide the basic needs of shelter, clothing, love, and education for girls in desperate need.read more


SEEMA exists to provide encouragement and training for women in need of social rehabilitation.read more

Rupaidiha Community Education Centre

RCEC exists to provide free education for local illiterate and poverty stricken children.read more

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      • Roy Ramble
      • Director
      • Jenny Ramble
      • Director