February 1st of 2010 marked the first day of lessons at the Rupaidiha Community Education Center. After hearing countless stories of children not able to attend schools due to the lack of means by which to pay school fees, RAJ Ministries decided to undergo the task of providing a free outdoor education program for those who have no other education options. We target children on the smugglers' road to Nepal, providing them with an alternative to the life of smuggling. After seeing over 120 students in attendance only a couple of weeks into the program, we are being made more aware of the need. Obviously the need is great, so pray with us as we ask God to continue providing as He already has, and as we continue to seek ways to provide the children with the best education we can. Through this centre we can not only provide education but health and hygiene which is non-existent in the village people. Women and children die every year to gastro-enteritis, Tuberculosis and diarrhoea.