RAJ exists to reach the needy downtrodden people of Northern India and Nepal with the love of Christ by encouraging, educating, and equipping them to face life in our world today.

One thing that can be said of Roy and Jenny Ramble is that if they are not personally able to provide for a need that they are made aware of, they will find a way to have it provided for. This has been a foundation to RAJ Ministries from the very beginning. Being called by God to Rupaidiha in 1986, the Rambles began seeing needs all around them. It was not long after moving to Rupaidiha that they were burdened by the lack of education for the poverty stricken children in the area. They saw that the most efficient way to break the cycles of poverty was to educate the children, providing them with the means of succeeding in our world today. Because of this burden, they began problem solving, and decided to start a school for the poor children of Rupaidiha.

In 1987, they founded Assembly of God Church School with only seven students, one of which was their daughter. By the following year, when the school was inaugurated, they had a total of 127 students eager to learn. Their burdens for the people of Rupaidiha didn't stop there, however. They saw a need to rehabilitate the oppressed women of the surrounding areas, offering them the training they needed in order to provide for themselves. Because of this burden, SEEMA was founded in 2002 with only two women. Now more than 80 women have been touched by the ministry of this non-profit organization.

In an endeavour to break the cycle of illiteracy the Adult Womens Literacy Project was started in the surrounding villages of Rupaidiha in 1998. Women were not the only oppressed villagers that the Rambles had a burden for. They saw a need to provide for the basic needs of poverty stricken girls in surrounding villages as well. They realized that the caste system and superstition would not offer freedom for these girls. Christ was the only one who could release them from the bondage they were in due to their hopeless circumstances.

This was what sparked a new ministry, founded in 2005: the Mahima Niwas, or the House of Glory. Most recently, the Rambles followed their hearts and founded yet another branch of RAJ ministries, the Rupaidiha Community Education Centre. This ministry, starting only on February 1st of 2010, is providing a free education for the illiterate children with no hope for other education opportunities. There are already over 120 students in attendance at this Education Centre. RAJ ministries seeks to meet the needs of all those whom God brings their way, whether men, women, or children. They have touched the hearts and lives of many through their obedience to God's calling

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