The Lord never intended His work to be done by individuals, but by the body of Christ as a whole. God has gifted all His children with different talents, resources, and abilities to be used for His kingdom purposes.


We thank God for your partnership in prayer, since it is the foundation of our ministry. We believe God works powerfully through His praying people. Here are some of the specific prayer requests we have for our ministry. To join our prayer team, please fill out the following form(hyperlink) and give us your email address for prayer updates.

- Please pray for us as we reach out to the poorest of the poor.

- Please pray that we will be successful in our attempt to raising awareness among the people of Rupaidiha to the truth that education can break the barriers of caste, superstition, and poverty that have long since kept them in bondage.

- Please join us as we pray for the Poor Scholarship Needs Awareness rally to be carried out by AGCS students in March, 2010.

- Please pray that we will find a market for the SEEMA project, and that we are able to start selling these products in order to open up our doors to more women.

- Please pray that funds may be released to complete unfinished buildings that will house future tribal girls from India and Nepal in Mahima Niwas.

- Please pray for the Rupaidiha Community Education Centre as we continue to reach more and more children by providing free education for them.

In order to maintain a ministry of our size, we are always in need of financial assistance. Would you consider partnering with us financially in order to sustain the work that is going on through RAJ? This could be done through regular monthly giving, a one-time gift, or purchasing material needs we have.

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Word of mouth is our most trusted reference. When others hear of the work we are doing from you, they are more prone to researching and finding out more about us on their own. We appreciate you telling others of our ministry here in Rupaidiha. We also would love the opportunity to speak to your friends, families, or church groups about how we are building the kingdom of God here in India and Nepal.

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